Day 26: Buffalo Fun-a-day

Today I cut to length, then glued the sides of the dulcimer, along with the linings, which strengthen the connection between the sides, the top, and the back.

Getting ready, I needed to check that everything fits where it is supposed to go, how the clamps fit and inter-operate …

Next up, glue the sides to the peg block, tailpiece, and back. Glue the peg block and tailpiece to the back, too. What could possibly go wrong?

I made due with what heavy objects I could find on hand to provide downward pressure.

Then the bottom lining, held in place by a dull band-saw blade and a number of flexible strips of 1/8″ scrap, thusly:

Lastly for today, the top linings, which I will plane/scrape/sand flush to the sides tomorrow. So many clothes-pins!

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