Day 1.1: Buffalo Fun-a-Day 2017

Tonight (01 Feb 2017), I selected pieces of wood from the maple, walnut, and redwood I’ve been prepping over the last couple of months and began gluing up pieces which will become the first two mountain dulcimers from my space at theguild@980 #buffalofunaday. For the intrepid, a few more photos here.

Here’s a look at the raw 8/4 maple and 4/4 black walnut that a lot of these pieces started from.

You can see how the the peg block and tail block will be shaped from the blocks that I’m gluing up. ┬áThe diagram for the full instrument will show up in one of the posts eventually, I bet.

The redwood is from bookshelves salvaged from a 106 year old house that was being demolished on Buffalo’s Lafayette Avenue. These are 0.120 inches (backs) and 0.075 inches thick (tops). I’ll be using scrap redwood for bracing.

These maple pieces are about .070 inches thick, and will make up the sides of the instruments.

Glue is very sticky.

Here are the peghead bloacks, tail blocks, and fingerboard/fretboards (more in another post), all glued up.

A fun night.

P.S. I did this all while listening to the audio the 1977 animated Rankin/Bass production of The Hobbit.