Lyrics – 2018-10-22

“What I’d Steal”
Written October 2007, re-discovered October 2018

Of course I would never reveal
my fatefully unwritten deal:
what I’d steal,
what I’d steal.

This sad curi-os-it-y,
drastically in-com-plete:
what you bleed,
you can’t need.

Finding loops where there once were goals.
Shooting stars die as our time unfolds.
Hold out, believe in.
I’d start again.
I’d try.

–instrumental verse chords–

A room full of nobody’s friends,
a comforting recompense
for the deeds
half conceived.

Now it’s china shops, cameras, and bulls.
Now our stars fade as morning unfurls.
Hold out, believe in.
I’d try again,
steal another try.

–instrumental chorus repeat–